25 Tips to Quit Smoking

Exercise. Playing sports is highly recommended if you decide to quit smoking.

1. Choose a good time to quit. One day you do not have much stress or complicated things. It may be near a holiday.

2. Delayed the time of first cigarette an hour each day.

3. Analyze before you start what cigarettes are more important and why.

4. If you smoke at home is going to limit consumption sites by enabling non-smoking areas.

5. Try to leave gradually increasing time delaying each cigarette, and eliminating several.

6. Avoid circumstances that can cause you the desire to smoke.

7. Wash curtains, sheets, clothes and upholstery of the car to say goodbye snuff environment.

8. Try to exercise every day. For example, a ten minute walk.

9. The worst part is in the first three days from 5 days the urge to smoke is less intense and more easily overcome.

10. Put posters with the message “No Smoking” at work, at your desk, at home …

11. Do not buy snuff and you have thrown away. 12. Throw out all the ashtrays, lighters and matches.

13. Try to use the time of the cigarette in another activity to keep you busy and distracting.

14. Well ventilated rooms.

15. Avoid stimulants such as coffee drinks, tea or alcohol.

16. If the urge to smoke occurs is very deep breath, relax, drink or chew gum.

17. Take light meals, giving priority to fruit and vegetables in large quantities, which also facilitate the withdrawal will bring you vitamins C and B.

20. You have family or friends to support you in your goal. Comment all you’re going to quit.

21. Remember that all initial discomfort is only temporary.

22. Make a list of your most important reasons for quitting and bring it along for review.

23. Give yourself a small reward for each day’s goals accomplished (a good movie, a book …).

24. Keep rigid habits regarding food.

25. Sleep 8 hours. The rest will help.