Building A Solid Foundation for Writing Killer Product Reviews

Studies have shown that a high percentage of shoppers purposely look for product reviews before making a buying decision. Many IM marketers are lazy and write their reviews based on other reviews and just reading about the product, and that is not the best way to do it. So the question of writing your review from the best perspective is up to you, and we realize that perhaps there will be times when it is not possible to do that. As you can easily imagine, or perhaps already know, you need to bring that to the table and also include a few other points, as well.

What you will be doing with your product review is preselling to your market, and that does not mean you are doing any kind of hard selling. Avoid even coming across a little bit like you are trying to sell the product, even though we all you know are. The majority of reviews we see only talk about the good things and rarely about anything negative, and that detracts from the objective nature. Every good product review that focuses on the needs of the reader will perform better in the long run. You will need to write your copy in an appropriate manner for your target audience, as well. If you get that part wrong then there will be a basic miscommunication problem which will definitely hurt your conversions. On the other hand, after you know how you should be talking in your review, then just write in an informal manner. Don’t think that your writing style doesn’t affect the response you get from your product review, because in the long run it does make a big difference.

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