Building the Strongest Foundation Possible for Forum Marketing

Once you make it paste rookie status in forum marketing, be prepared for certain things to change. Of course people get to know you, and your name is more recognizable. What was expected when you first started has now changed. This is just general depending on your level of activity in the forum. Keep in mind that much is in your control and subject to your own influence. You can now be very intentional about the decisions you make from here on out.

While we give you specific instructions for forum marketing, please take your own personality into account when following them. Your purpose in a forum is to market your business, so you need to be seen as a leader in that sense. You want to leverage the large number of members in forums so you need to position yourself to be respected. Your personality is your best asset so don’t be afraid to use it. While it’s good to be yourself, don’t do it to the point of being unreasonable to other members. A very esoteric but still valid point is that every forum has it’s own distinct personality. Every person who belongs to a forum has an influence on it which leads it to start to develop uniquely distinct characteristics. You have probably sensed this on an intuitive level if you’ve ever been a long time member of a forum. Spending a good amount of time at multiple forums only drives the point home. This is getting mentioned because it offers you an advantage when you know what will blend in and what will not. When you’ve got good insight you’ll have a lot more power to make sure that the effort you make is more effective.

Before deciding to target a forum for marketing purposes, it’s best to make sure that the forum finds this type of thing acceptable. You probably don’t want to be the only person in a forum who’s promoting something, so before marketing anything, check out some of the other members’ signatures and see if they link to anything commercial.

The absence of such links means that either promoting is not allowed, or at least not encouraged on that forum. If all is a go, then go in there knowing what it is you want to accomplish. Create a workable plan where you can connect with other forum members and let them know what you have to offer. Keep your comments relevant and helpful, and you’ll eventually have members clicking on the link in your signature. Some forums, however, may also give you other options for promoting your business.

Marketing in forums has many factors that can be important. You can learn everything you need to know by carefully observing and spending a lot of time at the forum. However, you may need to be a good time manager to make this happen. Articles and books are also good resources if you need to put your time in other places. You will get the advantage of learning from others in a short amount of time.

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