Effective Ways to Reduce ones Salt Consumption

It may seem like you cannot get away from salt; it is in almost everything people eat from pizza to salad dressing. The human body needs a certain amount of salt, but not as much as you might think. People overall are becoming more conscientious about how much salt is in their daily foods. Some people are even trying to figure ways to cut back on salt in their meals as well as snacks. Read on for some valuable suggestions and information.

Nothing Beats Homemade.

Try eating out less and fixing more homemade meals. When you prepare foods at home, you are in complete control of what goes into them. For example you can cut back on how much salt you add to a recipe, or even omit it altogether and add something different like fresh herbs or salt free seasonings. Part of the fun of cooking foods from scratch is creating new and interesting taste combinations.

Check it Before You Buy it.

When you go grocery shopping, read the labels on things before tossing them into the cart. Some packaging proudly boast their low sodium content, while others hide it in the ingredient list. You may feel like a food detective, searching for that sneaky sodium content, but your body will thank you for the extra effort. Fair warning: foods that are lower in sodium or sodium free, might be a little more expensive, and well worth the extra money.

Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Canned vegetables are often packed in salted water, as per the ingredients listing. Read the labels and choose sodium free versions or opt for buying and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce contains virtually no salt and besides, it just tastes better! Fresh produce is easier to prepare since it is “raw” and has nothing in it, therefore you can dress it up without salt.

Take Salt off the Dinner Table.

It does not do much good to buy salt free foods or cook without adding salt, if you sit down at the dinner table and then shake it onto your meal! Remove the salt from the shaker and replace it with a favorite salt free seasoning. If you live with people who are not as salt conscious as you are, then get