• Great Low Fat Dressings

    Salad dressings are a wonderful way to make your salads taste even more delicious. All the calories you save by eating a salad instead of a portion of French fries can however be doubled with a too rich salad dressing. Try and avoid salad dressings that contain cream, full fat mayonaise or a large amount »more

  • Liven up hot dogs with creative toppings.

    A hot dog really is one of those foods that everyone seems to like to indulge in at least once in a while. They’re easy to make, they’re easy to eat, and the mere act of enjoying them tends to bring back many fond memories for all of us in regards to our childhoods. However, »more

  • Top 10 most Indulgent Desserts

    Any time you make lists of top tens, they are very subjective as what one person likes may not suit another.  However, any of these desserts to follow can definitely be classified as indulgent, and everyone is sure to find at least one or two personal favorites: 10. Brownies Brownies are very easy and cheap »more

  • How to Make and can Zucchini Marmalade

    Zucchini Marmalade – A most unusual recipe The Zucchini plant is actually a squash the same as the pumpkin is. It is perhaps the best producer you could place in your garden. You need only plant a couple of plants and you will be blessed with enough zucchini for not only your family but the »more

  • When to use Unsalted Butter

    The taste of salted butter overpowers other tastes. That can be a real problem when you’re cooking. If you’re not careful, all you’ll be left with is salt! That’s why you should use unsalted butter when it’s important to taste the food and not just the salt. Health reasons Always use unsalted butter if you’re »more

  • Beef in Low Fat Diets

    Beef in Low Fat Diets When your doctor tells you to adjust your diet to lower your fat intake, lose weight, lower cholesterol, or protect your health in any number of ways; many people will give up some of their favorite foods in the interest of renewed health and vigor. For beef eaters, there is »more

  • Cooking with Honey

    Honey is the world’s original sweetener, and is a wholesome, natural ingredient for cooking, as well as being delicious on toast, hot biscuits, and other favorites. Honey, unlike other sweeteners, contains trace amounts of a wide range of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids in addition to its high content of carbohydrates that offers a »more

  • 25 Tips to Quit Smoking

    Exercise. Playing sports is highly recommended if you decide to quit smoking. 1. Choose a good time to quit. One day you do not have much stress or complicated things. It may be near a holiday. 2. Delayed the time of first cigarette an hour each day. 3. Analyze before you start what cigarettes are »more

  • Building Your Internet Business Using Smart Leverage

    Whether you are new to internet marketing or have been in it for a while, you know it is not as simple as perhaps many have led you to believe. If you’re just going to focus on working hard then the others will beat you at your own game by being smart, and this doesn’t »more

  • Building the Strongest Foundation Possible for Forum Marketing

    Once you make it paste rookie status in forum marketing, be prepared for certain things to change. Of course people get to know you, and your name is more recognizable. What was expected when you first started has now changed. This is just general depending on your level of activity in the forum. Keep in »more