Spice Racks and Vegetable Trolleys

I love spices and don’t have to think about the type of spice rack I would have or purchase, because the type I like and have is a medley of sized containers to suit the spice and what’s used of more in the kitchen.

Here I mention for the adventurous cook, followed by those who are not so keen but would like to spice up a little in the kitchen.

If you are adventurous with your cooking and like to experiment, then my spice rack arrangement may appeal to you.

Firstly you need a small trolley made of a metal frame on wheels. Three tiers are ideal. Generally speaking, it would be used for a vegetable rack. Check out website ideas at the end of the article.

The tiers can be used in order of regularity and excess spice packets can be stored below. Place other baking ingredients to hand like baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, liquid glucose and vanilla extract, fresh herbs that have been dried and placed into a container for example: Bay leaves, thyme and oregano

Trolleys can be pulled out and pushed away out of sight or left on display.

Essentials on the trolley (used regularly)

Ground Turmeric

Ground Cayenne

Ground Hot paprika

Ground cinnamon

Ground Mixed spice

Nutmeg whole

Vanilla pods

Cumin seeds

Coriander seeds

Fennel seeds


Star anise

Cinnamon sticks

Saffron strands

Black pepper corns

Coarse sea or rock salt

Spices mentioned above are ideal for savoury and sweet dishes.

Many of these spices can be added to herbal teas and all of them have health benefits. Therefore, make sure you use in your everyday eating.

Where to buy trolleys

Locate your hypermarket stores, kitchen stores, department stores and DIY stores in your area. They will vary in price and size. They often come flat packed. Check out cut price stores as often you can find bargains.

Where to buy spices

Before going off to the supermarket consider visiting an Asian and Chinese store, as they could be cheaper and be able to purchase in varying sizes.

Ground spices buy small packets and seed spices buy in larger quantity. The flavour and aroma of seeds are only released when crushed. Therefore a pestle and mortar would be a good investment.

Look out for interesting little pots to display your spices. Pick up interesting containers on your travels that may be already filled with a particular spice especially abroad. Delicatessens are a good place to look too.

Co-ordinate with your kitchen

Not a keen cook but want to store a few spices? Then, of course the best place is to visit a well stocked kitchen shop or visit on line to suit your taste.




Search on the internet for your local kitchen shop, as browsing always inspires even the not so eager cook.