The Salty Dog

The Salty Dog is a drink that seems to conjure up images of rum; the name does after all bring forth images of old sea dogs and pirates. The Salty Dog though is a drink that is traditionally created from a base of gin, although it is very common for vodka to be used in recipes as well.

Mixed with grapefruit juice, the Salty Dog is a drink that offers sharpness, but can also be extremely refreshing. It is a drink that seems to fit perfectly with relaxing at home, especially in the garden with the barbecue on the go and the sun beating down.

-Ingredients for a Salty Dog (one serving)
1 ½ fluid ounces of gin
5 fluid ounces of grapefruit juice

The Salty Dog is normally served in a chilled highball glass, although serving in a rocks or Collins glass is by no means a problem.

The glass is rimmed with salt; normally done by using a lime wedge to wet the rim before dipping it in salt.

The gin and grapefruit juice are then poured into a shaker, alongside some crushed ice. The shaker is then shaken thoroughly before the drink is carefully strained into the highball glass. A slice of grapefruit or lime is then used as a ganish.

A Salty Dog is normally served straight up but on a hot day many people do prefer to drink the cocktail “on the rocks”.

As previously mentioned it is common to substitute vodka for gin in the making of the Salty Dog, and this is something to bear in mind if ordering the drink in a pub or club, as it may be necessary to ask for your preferred base alcohol.

For those who think that the ingredients used in a Salty Dog are reminiscent of a Greyhound; that is because they are. The only difference between the two cocktails is the salted rim. Be it a Greyhound or a Salty Dog cocktail the mixture of grapefruit juice and gin (or vodka) makes for a very pleasant drink indeed.